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What is Daily Scrum Call or Stand-up Meeting 

Daily Scrum meeting is also called can Scrum call or Standup meeting. This meeting own by the Scrum team, happens mostly during beginning of every day. Should last for max 15 minutes. Where the development team member discuss on the work they have done, and make the strategy to work for the day. The highlight the impediments if any. This meeting ideally take place at same time and same place.

For a co-located team all the participants stand in-front of the physical scrum board (ideally the task board) and talk story by story or person by person, Scrum Master facilitate and take ownership of any impediments or provide updates with presence of PO.

Though its majorly known as daily scrum call, both Scrum and Kanban team ideally conduct this agile ceremony.

We will discuss in details of the daily scrum call on each and every part of it in this article.

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Basic Rules of Daily Scrum Call.

  • This meeting own by the Team not by Scrum Master or Product Owner.
  • Its not a Status update meeting
  • This meeting should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • This meeting should be conducted every working day, during beginning of the day
  • This meeting should place at same place and same time every day.
  • All development team member must attend the meeting, even they don’t have any pending work. Scrum master and Product owner are optional. But it’s good to have the presence of entire Scrum team.
  • If the team (or majority of the team member) is co-located, all team member should stand up for 15 minutes.
  • The team should talk about

>> What they have worked on yesterday
>> What they are planning to do today, and Make the strategy for the day.
>> If there are any blocker or impediments, that stopping the team to work.

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Daily Scrum Call – Good Practices and what to avoid

Good Practices

  1. Rules : Follow and stick to the Rules of Daily scrum call as mentioned above
  2. State You Name:Everyone Please state your name before you start talking about yours tasks.
  3. Speak Loud: So everyone can pay attention , who is physically present near the speaker or at Phone.
  4. Working from Home? : Please attend the bridge
  5. Task Remaining Hours : Update the task remaining hours before starting your DSM. To have the board populated properly and actual burn down.
  6. Burn down Chart : Scrum Master please check the burn-down after end of DSM every day, and take action if required
  7. Long discussion items: Park the long discussion at sidebar for core hour discussion (After DSM) . its also called 16th Minute discussion item
  8. Team member on Planned Leave: If any team member on Plan Leave? Please send the information to peer by end of your last working day.
  9. Distributed team: Open a bridge and screen sharing : Share your screen with ALM open and point your mouse on the task you are talking about.
  10. DSM Duration: Try to complete the Scrum call / standup meeting in 15 Minutes.
  11. After the Scrum call:  quick check on individual load, and take appropriate action in case of overloading to avoid risk.
  12. Keep a Note: Keep a quick Note for all your task and you want to talk about, that will help you quickly discuss the points. Instead of spending time to remember it during DSM or searching the entire board
  13. Impediments:Talk about all the impediments and resolution, and its risk to meet the commitment. 
  14. Cell Phone: Please get yourself detached from your cell phone for 15 minutes.


  1. Avoid interference of anyone outside of the scrum team during that 15 minutes.
  2. Use of term “Status” or “Update”.Its Not a Status update meeting.
  3. Avoid technical discussion during DSM –  Park it for Core Hour discussion.
  4. Avoid Requirement Clarification that may take long time – Park it for Core Hour Discussion, or next grooming session. Or Conduct an immediate grooming session
  5. Avoid Side discussions, focus on the active discussion for Daily Scrum
  6. Avoid change of the meeting time
  7. Provide your update to the entire team. Avoid giving updates to Scrum Master or Product owner or any limited number to team member.
  8. Avoid losing focus or distracted, even if you don’t have anything to contribute. If you are part of the meeting put your 100% to listen and understand (if not speaking). Stay top on the ALM tool (may on a shared screen), or Physical board

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Participants of Daily Scrum Call or Daily Stand up Meeting

Scrum call primarily owned by the development team. so its very important all the development team should participate this meeting very religiously. However The participation of Scrum Master and product owner make the meeting more fruitful and effective. So to have the presence of all the three roles (as mentioned below) is definitely a good practice.

Participants of daily scrum call or stand up meeting (in MoSCoW)

  1. All development Team Member (must attend)
  2. Scrum Master (should attend)
  3. Product Owner (Could attend)
  4. any one (Won’t)

Lets try to understand the basic responsibility of the three primary scrum roles during daily scrum call.

Scrum Roles and responsibility during daily scrum call or daily stand up meeting

Development Team Responsibility during Daily Scrum Call or Stand up Meeting.


  1. Talk about the three agenda
    •  What did you do yesterday
    • What are you planning to do today
    • Is there any impediments, blocking you to progress
  2. Join the call on time, without delay. every day
  3. Give the task updates to all team members not to scrum master nor any selective team member
  4. Give your task update to your peer, in case you feel that you will not able to attend the Daily scrum call on time, or will be on leave or vacation. You don’t need to give the updates every day when you are on vacation. give the update on your last working day before vacation.
  5. Give the task updates of any peer member in case of they or on leave or vacation.
  6. Update remaining hours against each task before daily scrum call. So that you can utilize the scrum call time effectively.
  7. Make small notes of all the tasks that you want to talk about, or any other associated details. In the 15 minute time box if you spend time searching information, people may loose focus, and the team will waste time on unnecessary activity. And if you are having your daily scrum call in front of the physical board, you may not have your PC or note book accessible.
  8. Refer individual remaining work and days remaining in the sprint. Raise your voice if you think its getting difficult to complete the task with in sprint. consult with your peer member and find out the best possible solution. take preventive action rather then corrective.
  9. Move your task card in your task board, from one column to another based on your scrum board workflow and the task’s story card.
  10. Ask Product Owner related to any small question regarding requirement understanding. Remember If the discussion will take longer time, park it for your core hour discussion or 16th minute discussion.

As a Team

  1. Check the burn down chart, and find out if the team is progress is in risk. make a strategy for the day and rest of the sprint duration.
  2. Re-assign tasks to normalize over loading. and keep a balance between task effort allocation and remaining days of the sprint
  3. Think together, plan and act accordingly to complete the story as a whole not the individual task. Even if one task remains incomplete, the story will be treated as incomplete. So when you are making a strategy of which task who will work when, be careful of the sequential tasks.  A testing task can start when the development task is completed, So if you only think about only your task of development and think you can complete the task before end of the sprint last day, then the tester will not be able to get time to test your change. And if there is any defects raised by the tester, the the developer needs to fix and followed by re verification.

Scrum Master’s Responsibility during Daily Scrum Call or Stand up Meeting.

The Scrum Master are treated as local coach for the team. till the time team is not getting matured enough to run as self organized fashion, Scrum Master drives the daily scrum call and continuously focus on maturing the team, so that they can become self organized. Along with that, a Scrum Master also have the below mentioned  responsibilities.

  1. Based on team composition, and distribution, find a best time and place to conduct this 15 minute discussion and schedule a recurring meeting to the scrum team including product owner. preferable morning time of developers time zone.
  2. Facilitate the scrum call, let the team drive it by them. Make sure the team is following the scrum call rules.
  3. protect the call from outsider interference
  4. stop the long running discussion and park it for 16th minute discussion. Also let those open discussion happen after daily scrum call.
  5. Enforce on-time start and end of the meeting.
  6. Make sure team is covering ll the items in progress. And if any story can come in progress.
  7. Check if any one is overloaded or under occupied and ask the team to balance it.
  8. Have a quick look on the burn down chart and identify potential slippage of commitment. and take proactive action.
  9. Take ownership of impediments and give updates on them everyday Daily scrum call
  10. Ask product owner to verify the completed stories (if any) to mark it done.
  11. Ensure the team is following the definition of Done.
  12. Ensure the story cards and task cards in scrum board represents right states of the sprint progress.

Product Owner’s Responsibility during Daily Scrum Call or Stand up Meeting.

Products Owners are not mandatory for daily scrum call, However I encourage to have Product Owners presence in daily scrum call. That will help him to understand what is happening on the sprint.

And also

  1. The team member can give heads up on the doubts they have, and needs to discuss in details. Mainly to remove any gap on requirement understanding.
  2. Scrum Master or team can update about the stories to product owner those are completed and ready to review.
  3. Product owner can update about any impediments that he/she is resolving.

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Purpose of daily scrum call or Daily Stand up Meeting

  1. Increase Team co-ordination, and working together to meet a common goal.
  2. Increase transparency of Sprint progress, dependencies, and Risks.
  3. Increase opportunity to take proactive decession.
  4. Increase Team bonding and self organization
  5. Identify road blockers in advance and act accordingly.
  6. Make strategy for the day.

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Why Standing up ?

The daily stand-up meeting which is also known as a “daily scrum”, a “daily huddle”, “morning roll-call”.  is practically a quick synchronization meeting with in individual team.

Traditionally the scrum team mostly used to be collocated. where the team used to gather together at one place during their morning time for 15 minute for daily stand-up meeting in-front of the physical board. they used to to keep standing and share their updates with in team.

The main reason of  conducting this meeting being standing up is to keep the focus on the main agenda of the daily stand up. The team avoids long discussion, and restrict external interference.

Now in modern days the Scrum teams started working from distributed location, they refer digital scrum board, and rarely get a chance to meet with each other by person. So standing up does not make much sense from their own desk. A the name of the meeting is become changing from “Daily Stand-up-meeting” to Daily Scrum Call” or “Daily Huddle”.

I will still emphasize on conducting this Scrum call, Standing up if your team members are co-located, or mostly co-located.

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Scrum Call Approach for Distributed and Co-located team ?

Co-Located Team

You may be part of a co-located agile team, or distributed agile team. In both the cases the over all rules, roles and responsibility will be remain same. Co-located team get the advantage to gather physically for daily huddle, most of the time the use a Physical Scrum Board or Kan-ban Board. Now a days all teams are getting digital, by using ALM tools like Rally, Jira, Version on etc. and use of the Physical board is fading out eventually. During Daily Scrum These team members used to stand up for 15 min. These teams can easily plan their Daily call during there morning Time.

Distributed Team

On the other hand, If the team is distributed, Physical board does not add values to everyone, as it is not accessible to every one. However availability Digital board with in the ALM tools, fills the gap of Physical board, and works out pretty well. However they team lacks the physical presence of there member. And does not needs to be stand up, As every one is referring to a small screen rather than a big physical board.

The team meets through Screen sharing apps like Webex, Skype, BlueJeans etc. Many team prefer to do a video Conf to get to see each other.

If the distribution of the team is withing same time zone, its good. But if there are different time zone evolved. Its practically not possible to schedule the meeting at everyone morning. So mostly the team mutually decides to have the Daily Scrum Call at the morning time, where majority of the Development team is there.

Because of the different time zone. many times the Daily scrum call get extended, as the team member from two different time zone generally gets this time to share their thoughts, Ideas and sprint progress. However in that case try to complete the Scrum Call, identify the long running discussion, and park them for later. Once the main agenda of the Daily scrum call is over, make a logical end of the Daily Scrum Call. and start the discussion you have parked for, here the only required member can stay, rest can drop off.

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Outcome of Daily Scrum Call

Common Understanding of Team Progress 

Meeting with the team sharing what they are working on, what they are planning to do today to meet the common goal of the sprint, improves the common understanding of the team about the progress on their commitment for the sprint.

Execution Strategy for the Day

Based on the current state and progress, they team makes the strategy for the day, who will work on what task, which task needs to be finished first, how to utilize the sprint time in most optimized way.

An Updated Sprint Backlog

Continuous acceptance and progress on Task and sprint level updates the sprint backlog on daily basis. Gives better visibility to the team, or management level. It also contribute on consolidated reports to reflect real time states.

And Updated Scrum Board or Sprint Board

The teal also update the task Remaining hours, Task card and Story Cards placement in sprint board. and make the Sprint board or Scrum Board up-to date.


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Challenges of Daily Scrum Call

Time for distributed time zone,

Apart from not able to follow the basic rules of Scrum Call, the biggest challenges is to define a time when the team is distributed, and team is located at two different time zone. As its is good to have in the morning time, its become difficult to identify , morning of which time zone. So in those situation, plan the Daily Scrum call at the morning of time time zone where majority of the development teams are working from.


Reaching to a mature mindset of that, this 15 minute discussion is not a status update meeting, that you need to update your Product Owner or Scrum Master or any one about the progress. The team just need to discuss with in them and prepare a strategy for the day.

Giving Importance

If the team (Dev Team + Scrum Master + Product Owner)  don’t utilize time for the purpose it is meant for, or even they were forced to do so. The Agile team will not get the real expected outcome of the meeting and it will impact the over all performance of the team also the agile value. The team will eventually loose interest of the Daily Scrum Call. And for the team the Daily Scrum Call become just a formality or burden.

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Hope this page was able to provide the information you were looking for, In case we missed something, feel free to leave your comments, feedback and suggestions, at bottom of the page’s comment section.

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