Hello, Greetings of the day We are creating multiple Quizzes related to Agile /Scrum/ Kanban. And need Volunteers like you to add questions. The Quiz will be freely available to all and can be helpful for many professionals including you and me. Please provide your information and Questions with Answers below.

Rules :

  1. Don’t Copy Paste your questions from Internet or any certification exam. Add the questions from your day to day experience.
  2. Keep the Questions in Simple English
  3. Don’t Make very tough Questions
  4. Questions Related to Scrum & Kanban only for now

Once we will reach to 30 Questions we will publish our First Quiz. After your submission You will receive an email confirmation with a Whatsapp group invitation. You can join that group to track progress on your Quiz

Here is the Sample Quiz form link, Right now it has only two questions, which will have 30 Questions for each quiz in a while.


Best Regards

Agile Digest