The most challenge you may facing right now is a lack of strategic alignment. The strategy you have in mind and what is happening on the ground is not aligned. There is also a lack of Focus because of the changing dynamic requirement and their priorities. That’s impacts the teams because they are doing multi-tasking, working on multiple projects, and spinning from one area of work to another.

With our many previous engagements, we found one common concern from the executive is that they are losing their competitive advantage, as their time to market is taking a too long time, which is making them frustrated. What they are getting

  • Is way too late
  • Lots of quality issue
  • What is delivered is far away from the expectation

Fixing them needs additional budget and time

If you are also facing similar kinds of situations? We would like to talk to you about our transformation program, we have extensive experience in successfully transform organizations working strategies.

We will explain here What we do and who we are so that you can find out what you are looking for

We are a group of passionate change agents, Trainers, and Coaches. And our mission help organization transform their culture and mindsets into a healthy high performing team and a team of teams.

Agile is the tool we use, and that is not the ultimate goal, our goal is to transform the organization to an agile mindset and make their work Transparent so that they can visualize their opportunities of improvements to think differently adjust accordingly.

Our Executive Transformation Roadmap

We have programs for transforming teams, programs (team of teams), or at the Enterprise level. We take care of two-part of transformation first the cultural transformation along with that the Agile Transformation

Our Cultural transformation primarily focuses on leadership transformation to shift from Command and control to Servant leadership, How to be collaborative and cross-functional, We love to engage with leaders who have a passionate vision that inspire and motivate us.

If you are a team leader, or project Manger, or Scrum Master and you are working with one or a few teams, and you know they need to get better, where your customer is not happy or even the team members are exhausted, not able to meet the commitment, taking longer time to deliver or delivery with low quality, the trust is missing, or too many conflicts, lack of commitment or accountability or very low focus on results. Customers are not collaborating and many such cases.


We have a solution. Allow us to explain our team transformation roadmap.

We can start with small workshops to help you visualize what the journey will be and, how much time it will take, or who needs to be involved, what will be the transformation strategy.

We also establish a visual radiator to measure and grow, visualize areas to improve, and maturity model.

As we have years of experience in enabling ALM tools like Jira or Rally to connect all the dots and make the Agile Lifecycle easy and customized it, for every unique enterprise need.

Our Program

Process Area Transformation

Pilot Agile

Scaling Agile

Enterprise Agile

Culture Transformation

Delivery & Engagement Model

Agile & DevOps Delivery

Timeboxed, Iterative Approach, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Speedy ROI, Best Quality

Fixed Bid & T&M

Timeboxed, Iterative Approach, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Speedy ROI, Best Quality

Implementation Approach

Onsite & Offshore Model

End to End Solution, and Managed Service

IT Helpdesk and support in cost efficient way

Tools Implementation

End to end ALM Tool implementation

Contact us for your Agile Transformation Need


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