Attend the Azure Cloud Computing course because my contract had been extended to provide Business Analysis support for a large migration of all IT Capabilities to the Azure cloud. This course brought me up to speed very quickly. Great course.

Great course

Niladri has been instrumental to get the trainees focused on the training topics and made sure they have enough hands on before end of training. I vouch him for him for his technical expertise and delivery


Vouch him for him for his technical expertise and delivery

I was introduced to Agile digest by a friend who felt that their platform provides what others are not I decided to give it a go , I did my first training understanding scrum overview , the insights i got encouraged my to register to do Jira hands on and Sprint Simulation.
I will recommend this platform to anyone wanting to have an indept knowledge
of Scrum and it’s ceremony and how to apply it in the live environment.
Niladri’s, takes time to explain and gives series of examples from experience, I highly recommend this platform.


I highly recommend this platform.

Hi Niladri,

You are doing great job by conducting online training sessions and you are uploading videos also on youtube on regular basis.
The content and delivery is very good.


Prasad K

Online Training by AgileDigest – Content is very Good

No training institute compares to Agiledigest. The passion to deliver value is simply the best…

…I now function with ease and a high contributor to my team.


Simply the best

I had an awesome session with Niladri’s jira overview training, it was well packed and absolutely a great one for a beginner like me. The most exciting thing was that I was able to use what I learnt in that training on my daily activities at work for the whole four days of the training.

Adedeji Yesufu

Jira overview training

Hi Niladri,

I just wanted to let you know i have found your website and Scrum, Jira training really helpful and useful. You have been a fantastic coach, always willing to help and push your students to do more. You are also very committed and your passion for Agile and Scrum comes across in the way you coach on each topic.
Thank you so much for all you do. I will definitely be happy to refer others to this site and your training.
I’m definitely hooked now and will still be a part of the community for a very long time.

Many thanks again,


Fantastic Training by Agile Digest

I have found the youtube Videos very useful. I highly recommend them

I’ve signed up for the Scrum Master Course with Jira. The sessions are pack full with concrete and easy to follow guides, processes that help prep for a Scrum world and excellent references. Niladri is our coach for our group and he is very passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. Our group is just about to start simulations- so I’m excited about practicing what I have learnt.

Niladri is very approachable and accountable and took on board our session feedback and integrated during the sessions. It seems Agile Digest is always innovating. There are lots of free short webinar free nuggets on the community.

Keep up the good work!

Passionate and knowledgeable Sessions

Really Helpful, everything in detail. Thanks for providing such a platform

Really Helpful